Thursday, 3 November 2016

Bonfire Night for the Family

I remember as a little girl, my gramps would set off fireworks in the back garden on Guy Fawkes (that is what it is called in South Africa). The highlight of the night for me was the Catherine Wheel - I know that it signified the end of the fireworks display, but it used to mesmerise me. I loved how crazy yet controlled it was.

Catherine Wheel
Catherine Wheel - credit Unsplash
Over the years, the fireworks laws have changed due to people's concerns for animals and nature (I also often think of the poor War veterans too - it must be awful for them) - and so I grew to accept that that was life, and that fireworks displays were a thing of the past. Some happy memory from my childhood.

This was until we arrived on the beautiful island of Malta in 2010. I don't think I have ever seen so many fireworks displays in my life - each one better than the one before. They were a spectacle, beautifully in sync with music and more like a dance performance than a pyrotechnics display. Little did we know that in the 18 months that we lived in Malta, we would hear and see fireworks almost every weekend. What a treat! But at the end, I felt that what had once excited me had slowly lost it's allure a little.

When we moved to England in 2011, I was delighted to find out that Bonfire Night was a thing - a night of light and magic. To be honest, I was never a big fan of the bangs. We arrived in London in October, so were really treated on the 5th of November, when the sky was illuminated with various beautiful displays - we were staying in a hotel, on the 10th floor, so we were really lucky. D, who was 2 at the time, was in awe - I think he has come to love and feel comforted by fireworks.

Each year since, we have tried to ensure that we watch the fireworks - sometimes from the comfort and warmth of our home, we have also been to Legoland, watched the Hook Road fireworks in Epsom a few times, and last year we headed up to the Epsom Downs which was amazing - we got to watch the fireworks all over London (honestly all the way to London Eye!!!). This year, we will be grabbing some food and driving up to a 'lookout point' again to watch as a family; and then will be attending a fireworks display at D's school.

Fireworks - credit ericspaete
We are super lucky to have such amazing child-friendly displays around the Epsom area, that I thought it would be nice to consolidate them all (if anyone is looking for somewhere to go).

Tonight, 3rd November:

Friday 4th November:

  • Green Lane Fireworks Spectacular. Children's tickets are £5 and adults tickets are £7 or £22 for a family ticket. Fireworks start at 7pm. 
  • Chipstead Bonfire Night. Children's tickets are £3 and adults tickets are £6. Bonfire will be lit at about 7.30pm with fireworks starting at about 8pm.
Saturday, 5th November:

**Buttershly Kisses cannot be held responsible for any changes or cancellations to these events**

I hope that whatever you decide to do for Bonfire Night, that you have a really wonderful, magical and safe time!

Please comment below if you know of any other fireworks displays in the area. I will also post photos of our fun on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter - follow me to keep in touch!